Registration open for the conference "AI for Good?"

29 June 2022

Registration is now open to attend the conference that is the inauguration of the new Center for Transdisciplinary artificial intelligence, TAIGA (Transdisciplinary Artificial Intelligence - for the Good of All). The conference is organized by Umeå University on 26-28 October.

"AI touches all aspects of modern society and we are showing how it can be used for good if we are all involved and together decide the directions it takes," says Frank Dignum, Director of TAIGA and Professor at the Department of Computing Science.

Registration for the conference with the theme "AI for Good?" has just opened. It is the inauguration of TAIGA. TAIGA promotes transdisciplinary AI research that enables the development of new approaches to challenges in society, such as climate change and migration issues. The activities within TAIGA are conducted within a wide range of focus areas which will be reflected in the conference, from "AI for Health and Medicine" to "AI and Art" and "AI Management".

"World-renowned academics are coming to Umeå just for this inaugural conference. This means that Umeå University is recognized as a world-leading centre in human-centered AI. It is exciting to be part of this, it means we get to help make TAIGA visible and thus start creating a better society with AI," says Frank Dignum.

Not just for Computer Scientists

With TAIGA's transdisciplinary focus, the inaugural conference is a place where more than just computer scientists come together.

"With TAIGA's inaugural event, we show that AI can be good for everyone if we are collectively involved in ensuring that AI is used responsibly. It Is not just about computers and systems development, we need more perspectives to contribute and make a difference. Showing how this is possible within TAIGA is the main purpose of the opening event", says Frank Dignum.

To support meetings and collaborations across disciplines and to create an arena where companies, policy makers and researchers can meet, the opening event will feature many different types of activities. There will be everything from hackathons to panels, from informal gatherings to public panels on AI in the workplace and keynotes by world-renowned researchers.

"So, it is not just about sitting and listening, there will also be opportunities to interact, ask questions, make contacts and start new projects," says Frank Dignum.

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