Learn theoretical techniques against conspiracy theories

23 August 2022

On September 16th the Faculty of Science and Technology welcomes doctoral students to a practical workshop in rhetoric against conspiracy theories. The event takes place at Curiosum.

The Covid-19 vaccine is a poison. And besides – the poison can spread from a vaccinated to an unvaccinated. Recently, the myth of so-called shedding has gained more and more followers.


During autumn 2021 and spring 2021 the Faculty of Science and Technology arranged five digital lectures aimed at primarily doctoral students discussing conspiracy theories from different perspectives. On September 16th the series ends in a practical doctoral student workshop in rhetoric against conspiracy theories at Curiosum.

Regardless of how active researchers are in the public debate about science as well as in popular science, scientific arguments do not seem to have any effect on the spread of beliefs in conspiracy theories and fake news. What should we do? Is the debate worth taking? Is it even possible to make lasting change?

"The objective with this workshop is to equip our young researchers with skills to actively take part in debates about research and knowledge. Our researchers are very skilled when it comes to present scientific proof against conspiracy theories but judging by how the discussions tend to play out it seems a deeper understanding of the conspiracy argumentation and rhetoric as wells as rhetorical tools are needed. We hope that the participants will gain the knowledge necessary to know what actually works," says Frankie Ekerholm, Faculty Coordinator for the Committee for Doctoral Studies, which organizes the event.

The workshop is held by Jon Viklund, associate professor at Uppsala University, and will contain a lecture as well as practical training. At Uppsala University, Viklund teaches, among other topics, a course on the rhetoric of fake news, conspiracy theories, and information bubbles.

Open for alla faculties

The workshop is primarily aimed at doctoral students and post docs at the Faculty of Science and Technology, but doctoral students and post docs at other faculties are welcome to register. The workshop will take place at Curiosum and includes an immersive movie experience in the dome theatre.

Final day to register is September 12th.

More information and link to registration:

Workshop in rhetorical techniques against conspiracy theories

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