Cellulose workshop in Ö-vik opens for registration

15 September 2022

Umeå University and Karlstad University, together with Bio4Energy, Processum and Aditya Birla/Domsjö fabriker, invite you to a workshop on cellulose, regenerated cellulose and cellulose derivatives. The workshop will be held 15-16 November in Örnsköldsvik.

The workshop on cellulose is the tenth to be organised. Keynote speakers are Armando Cordova, Mid Sweden University, who will give a lecture entitled Innovative, scalable and eco-friendly modification of cellulose, and Kristina Elg-Christoffersson, Renewcell, on the topic Scaling up the world's first 100% textile-to-textile recycled cellulose fiber.

The days in Örnsköldsvik also offer a range of workshops, as well as study visits to Domsjö Fabriker, RISE Processum/MoRe Research and Nouryon.

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