Participate in SASUF Goes Digital – A Virtual Conference focused on South Africa

12 September 2022

On 19-23 September, the South Africa–Sweden University Forum (SASUF) is organising a virtual research and innovation week with over 100 different workshops/sessions. Do you want to expand your network or develop joint projects with colleagues in Sweden and South Africa? Then SASUF Goes Digital is for you.

The purpose of SASUF is to stimulate interdisciplinary collaboration at both individual and institutional level to strengthen ties in research, education and innovation between Sweden and South Africa. The goal is to jointly find solutions to the challenges in the UN's sustainability goals and Agenda 2030.

At SASUF Goes Digital, researchers, teachers, students, university leaders and others gather to discuss various sustainability challenges as well as exchange knowledge, ideas and build relationships and networks for concrete collaborations. The conference is open to all employees and students at Umeå University. There is no cost to participate. Register by 16 September at the latest.

Over 100 workshops/sessions - tailor your own schedule!

Umeå University is one of 40 Swedish and South African universities participating in the SASUF (South Africa Sweden University Forum) project, which runs until 2024. At SASUF Goes Digital, more than 100 workshops/sessions with research groups and individual researchers will take place digitally. The programme also includes sessions organised by students and other organisations that are interested in starting collaborations with universities, researchers and students. You decide which activities you want to participate in.

"We hope that many researchers and students at Umeå University take the chance to participate in the digital conference where challenges in six different areas linked to Agenda 2030 are discussed: climate change, education, health, social transformation, sustainable urbanisation and digital technology," says Jessica Bergström Grahn, International Office, project coordinator for SASUF at Umeå University.

Participants in previous SASUF activities have found valuable contacts, which has led to many new collaborations between Sweden and South Africa. Some examples with researchers from Umeå University can also be found in the programme.

During SASUF Goes digital, seed funding opportunities will also be presented, a way to help build collaborations beyond the virtual forum.

Sign up and create your own schedule by 16 September!

You can find the entire schedule via this link.

Researchers from Umeå University who lead workshops

At SASUF Goes digital, several researchers from Umeå University can be found in the programme leading a workshop/session. These are:

Natuschka Lee, Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences:
Monday 19 September, at 10:00: Sustainable plant, soil and arthropod management - towards a safe, productive and diverse biosphere.

Martin Berglund, Department of Computing Science:
Wednesday 21 September, at 10:00: Practical Parsing: Order in Regular Expressions and Grammars.

Carola Eriksson (and others), Department of Nursing:
Thursday 22 September, at 13:00: Contemporary Research in Sexual and Reproductive Health with focus on Midwifery Science.

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