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13 March 2023

Umeå University now has its first own framework agreement for the purchase of translation and proofreading services. All translators and proofreaders have experience of academic texts or texts relevant to the higher education sector and have been assessed based on quality. They are also named, which makes it easy to build long-term relations.


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The framework agreement for translation and proofreading services covers two services:

  • translation from Swedish to English; and
  • proofreading (editing) of English texts.

Read more about other language services further down.

Focus on quality

The framework agreement has been divided into several academic and administrative subfields, and the evaluation has weighed quality higher than price.

"It was important to us to emphasise quality in the assessment model and carefully check suppliers' experience of the work they will conduct. Consequently, we have evaluated each tender based on the translator's or proofreader's experience, service ability and language proficiency through the use of translation or proofreading tests, reference assessments and CV," says Anna Lawrence, member of the procurement team and translator at the Communications Office.

The division of the framework agreement into subfields simplifies for you to find translators or proofreaders specialised in your particular field – even if the division is broadly categorised.

The framework agreement is not ranked, meaning you can choose among a number of suppliers. All contracted translators and proofreaders are named. This means you know which individual translator or proofreader will conduct the work, and you can be in direct contact with that person to discuss the assignment. As a result, it may pay off to provide feedback to the proofreader or translator to receive improved results with each new order.

The framework agreement also simplifies the order process compared to the previous national framework agreement, which is expected to have positive effects on both the quantity and quality of the University's English content.

Consider personal data and confidentiality

Texts submitted for translation and proofreading sometimes contain personal data such as names, email addresses or phone numbers. Umeå University has hence signed data processing agreements with most suppliers covering some regular personal data. Thanks to this, you do not have to sign an agreement with each order. But since some of the suppliers operate outside of Europe and legislation differs between countries, all suppliers may not process all types of data. Sometimes, texts can contain sensitive personal data or confidential data not covered by the already signed data processing agreements.

When ordering translation or proofreading, you must consider if your text contains personal data or confidential data and in what form, and then follow some instructions.

The general rule is to not include any personal or confidential data in texts to be translated or proofed. The best solution is to remove the data temporarily before ordering, which leaves you free to choose among all the contracted suppliers.

"The idea of the framework agreement is to make ordering easy and to get good results. Finding a solution to process potential personal data or confidential data has hence delayed the start of the agreement period by a few weeks. But information and support are now in place to simplify for staff to order. University legal officers are also available if help is needed," says Anna Lawrence.

How to order translation or proofreading

More information about the framework agreement and how to order is available on: Translation, proofreading and transcription.

Other language services

For the purchase of other language services that are not included in this framework agreement, other framework agreements and routines apply. For instance, translations from English into Swedish, translation to or from other languages, or proofreading of Swedish texts. How to order such services is also described on Translation, proofreading and transcription.

About the procurement process

The procurement of translation and proofreading services is a part of a translation initiative at Umeå University aimed at strengthening education and research. To ensure that the University's entire organisation has easy access to the purchase of high-quality translation and proofreading services, the University has undertaken an extensive procurement work under the management of the Communications Office together with the Procurement and Purchase Office.

To gather the necessary background information, a reference group with representation from all faculties was initiated. For the assessment of translation and proofreading tests, staff members from the four faculties were recruited together with representatives from the University Management, all with their specialist competence in the subfields. An external expert was also enlisted with linguistic expertise.

Read more about the translation initiative


If you have any questions about the framework agreement, please contact the Procurement and Purchase Office through

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