Teams can soon be used for students processing sensitive personal data

8 May 2023

Approximately 2,000 independent student assignments contain sensitive personal data each year. From 1 July 2023, Microsoft Teams can be used. First, however, some safety precautions for Teams need to be introduced.

A review has been carried out, which now forms basis for the decision to allow the use of Teams. This review has looked at several aspects of the use; what would be the best solution; legal compliance; financial aspects; and IT and information security.

The overall assessment is that Microsoft Teams can be used if certain additional safety precautions are introduced to teams used for student work. One example of such protection is to introduce multi-factor authentication for students.

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Student processing of personal data in theses and dissertations (will be updated for 1 July)

Information for students about processing personal data in student work (will be updated for 1 July)


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