International Cooperation

Internationalisation at Umeå University is conducted on many levels and includes both employees and students. Through networking, cooperation programs and platforms for education and research, we are creating an international environment at the university.

On the university's external web, you'll find a list of international cooperations including exchange programmes, collaborative projects, and networks and memberships.

On the subpages in the menu you will find in-depth information about some of the cooperations.

Team for internationalisation

Internationaliseringsforum is a Team for those working with internationalisation issues. It contains manuals, routines and calendar events. 

There is a channel in the Team with a handbook in English.

Strategy for internationalisation

Umeå University's internationalisation strategy for education

The university is currently in the process of establishing a new steering document, and action plan, for internationalisation at the university. This work is led by the International Office.

Sandra Lundström