Checklist for the Public Defence at the Faculty of Arts

Translation by the Department of Language Studies, May 2017. Note that if there are discrepancies between the English and Swedish versions, the latter takes precedence.

Planning Meeting for the Last Year of the Ph. D Program

The time plan and the financial plan are to be reviewed by the doctoral student, supervisor(s) and the Director of Studies one year before the defence, with emphasis on the printing of the thesis and the defence. Suggestions for Faculty Examiner and members of the examination board should also be discussed at this meeting.


Departments at the Faculty of Arts receive funding for the defence for all doctoral students with faculty financing. The sum is 55 000 SEK and is given to doctoral students who are still financed as well as to those whose financing has ended. In cases where the doctoral student has a co-financed position, only half of the sum is given. Departments do not receive funding for externally financed doctoral students. This applies to doctoral students who are still financed as well as to those whose financing has ended.

From Regler för disputationsbidrag (FS 1.3.2-584-15)

The defence funding is to be used for the printing of the Ph. D thesis [100 copies], proof-reading of abstract and summary if needed, Faculty Examiner [remuneration, travel, hotel], travel and hotel for the external member[s] of the examination board. If there is funding left after these costs have been paid, the Head of Department decides how they may be used. This kind of faculty funding is not provided for doctoral students who have never been employed at the department during their time in the research program. Funding is also not provided for licentiates. That is, the faculty does not provide funding for costs associated with licentiate theses or licentiate seminars.

From Fakultetens rekommendation för arvoden (301-2334-12)

Faculty Examiner fee: 10 000 SEK.

Request for Time and Place for the Public Defence and Licentiate Seminar

Contact Katherine Flyborg at the Faculty of Arts Dean's Office to preliminary book the desired time for the public defence or licentiate seminar (no later than 12 weeks in advance).

Each faculty can only have one public defence at a certain time. It is therefore important to contact the Dean's Office well in advance so that your preferred date will not clash with other public defences at your own faculty – or with defences in subjects close to your own at other faculties.

A formal request is then made using following forms:

The completed form is sent to no later than eight weeks before the public defence. The formal decision is made by the Dean.

Guidelines for the Faculty Examiner and Examination Board

Guidelines for the Faculty Examiner as well as assessment criteria for the Examination Board are formulated at the department level.

Book a Room

Note that a preliminary booking through the Faculty of Arts Dean's Office does not mean that a room for the public defence is booked. A suitable venue is to be booked well in advance and according to the department's routines.

Guidelines for Publication, Posting and Delivery of Obligatory Thesis Copies

Ph. D theses
Since 1 Sept. 2003, all theses produced at Umeå University not published by an external press are to be published online according to the University Library's guidelines. Information about the process before the thesis is sent to the printer's, about electronic publication, and about delivery is found at the library's informative home page:

Theses can also be published by an external press. Contacts with appropriate publishers should in these cases be established in connection with the final seminar, or earlier. If the thesis is printed via a publisher, there is no electronic publication of the entire thesis via the University Library. Theses that are not published via an external press can be printed by Print och media.

Umeå University has a tradition of doctoral students posting (or "nailing") the thesis at least three weeks before the public defence. From 2010 an electronic posting is mandatory, and the traditional posting voluntary. More information about posting, registration, delivery of obligatory thesis copies, ISBN numbers etc., is found at the library's homepage (link above).

Licentiate theses

The University Library catalogues and archives one copy of the licentiate thesis. Please send the copy via the internal mail system, addressed to the contact person within the subject area.

As with all research publications at Umeå University, the licentiate thesis is to be registered in the publication database DiVA. The University Library recommends that the licentiate candidate also uploads a full text version for optimal dissemination of the work. Use your CAS to log into DiVA and follow the instructions for Ph. D. theses.

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