Workshop: Introduction to Education for Sustainable Development

Higher Education Act, Chapter 1, Section 5: "In the course of their work, higher education institutions are to promote sustainable development to assure a sound and healthy environment, economic and social welfare, and justice for present and future generations."

Throughout their education, students are confronted with questions about what sustainable development (SD) means and must be able to evaluate and discuss the obstacles and driving forces behind SD. Students are to be trained to actively contribute to sustainable global development of society in their future career roles.

To educate for and about sustainable development, teachers also need to know what education for sustainable development (ESD) is. The Faculty of Medicine, together with the Centre for Educational Development (UPL), has developed a workshop for this. The purpose of this workshop is to provide teachers at the Faculty of Medicine with the opportunity to develop a basic understanding of what SD and ESD are about and their importance for your specific context. This will allow you to integrate education for sustainable development into your teaching.

The workshop (WS) has two parts

  1. Asynchronous preparation on your own, which takes about two hours and can be done whenever you have the opportunity.
  2. Then you will take part in an onsite workshop together with other teachers. This will take three hours, including a break. Participation in the WS assumes that you have completed the preparation step. Workshops are organised within programmes and/or departments and are led by trained instructors from the Faculty in collaboration with UPL.

The material for both step 1 (preparation) and step 2 (WS): To the workshop in Canvas

Teacher's guide for WS

Evaluation of the WS in Forms (available at a later date)

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