The Council for Internationalisation of Education (RIU)

The Council for Internationalisation of Education is a body serving under the supervision of the Strategic Board for Education (UN). The Council’s mandate is to promote Comprehensive Internationalisation within the Faculty, focusing on students; promotion of new exchange agreements and management of matters related to staff and student mobility.

The Council members represent the 8 Programme Councils of the Faculty and the students union. Members for the period July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2025:

Members appointed by the Faculty Board

Estelle Naumburg, associate professor, Chair
Anncristine Fjellman-Wiklund, associate professor, Vice-chair, PRAFI
Fredrik Karlsson, associate professor, PRLP​​​​​​​
Jonathan Gilthorpe, associate professor, PRL
Maria Brohlin, associate professor, PRBMA
Maria Nilsson Jatko, associate professor, PRS
Marie Lindkvist, associate professor, PRPH
Mikael Wikström, associate professor, PRB
Pamela Hasslöf, associate professor, PRO

Umeå Medical and Health Sciences Student Union Representatives

Johanne Mella
Emma Johansson


Katarina Wikén Albertsson, PRO
Pia Hedberg, PRS
​​​​​​​Yngve Östberg, PRB
​​​​​​​Clara Bergström, UMS
Madelene Dahlström, UMS


Wasif Ali

Lena Åminne