Election to The Faculty Board 2021

Nominations for the deputy dean, scientifically qualified teachers, and external member to The Faculty Board start on 4 December and close on 18 December 2020 at 24.00 hrs. The Nomination Committee thereafter continues work on proposals for members of The Faculty Board.

A Nomination Committee has been appointed at the Heads of Departments meeting on 2020-10-27, in accordance with the rule 'Regler för val till fakultetsnämnder, inklusive utseende av dekan och prodekan, för tiden 2021-07-01—2025-06-30'. The Nomination Committee shall carry out the free nomination of members, during 4-18 December. The Committee may supplement the received proposals with its own, as needed.

The Nomination Committee shall consult all nominated candidates if they are available to be a member of The Faculty Board. The committee shall then propose to the Vice-Chancellor the candidates for appointment as dean and deputy dean. Differing nomination procedures can be applied – an ordinary procedure and/or a simplified procedure – for the appointment of dean and deputy dean. Simplified nomination procedure should be applied in case of reappointment.

The Nomination Committee shall disclose the nominations to the dean and deputy dean latest by 10 March 2021. The Committee shall disclose proposals to The Faculty Board and external member no later than three weeks before the last election day.

The verification for eligibility to vote in the election of scientifically qualified members and deputies, will be on 1 March 2021. Eligible to vote are scientifically qualified teachers with a position in the Faculty equivalent to at least 50% of full-time. These constitute the Faculty's Elector Assembly. "Scientifically qualified" refers to those in the Faculty with doctoral degrees.

The Nomination Committee shall provide the Faculty Office with a list of all nominated as scientifically qualified member, or deputy member, of the Faculty Board. This list of eligible candidates shall be attached to the ballots.

The Nomination Committee shall nominate six (6) scientifically qualified teachers as members of the Faculty Board as well as three as deputies. Scientifically qualified members are appointed by election of the Faculty's Elector Assembly.

The election of scientifically qualified members shall conclude by 18 May 2021. The elections will take place by postal vote using the list system. List system refers to a constellation of members and deputies, where the unique combination (so-called list) of members and deputies (including unique ranking of deputies) that has received the most votes is the constellation that is elected.

The Nomination Committee shall then nominate to the Vice-chancellor a member to be appointed as an external member as well as a deputy to that external member. The Vice-chancellor will decide, by 18 May at the latest, on the appointment of an external member, including the deputy.

On July 1, 2021, the new Faculty Board of Faculty of Medicine will take office.

Further reading

Regler för val till fakultetsnämnder, inklusive utseende av dekan och prodekan, för tiden 2021-07-01—2025-06-30

Contact Persons

Lars Nyberg, Chair of the Nomination Committee, lars.nyberg@umu.se
Ann Sörlin, Vice Chair of the Nomination Committee, ann.sorlin@umu.se
Ann-Christin Edlund, Head of Faculty Office, Secretary, ann-christin.edlund@umu.se

Lena Åminne