The Faculty Board’s composition

The Faculty Board’s composition for the period 2021-07-01—2025-06-30

At the Heads of Departments meeting, it was decided that The Faculty Board of the Faculty of Medicine, for the period 2021-07-01 – 2025-06-30, shall consist of:

  • Six (6) scientifically qualified teachers
  • One (1) external member
  • One (1) deputy to the external member
Category Number Nominated by
Dean/Deputy dean 2 Vice-Chancellor
Scientifically qualified teachers 6 The Faculty's Scientifically qualified teachers = Elector Assembly
External Member 1 Vice-Chancellor
Student 3 Medical and Health Sciences Student Union
Total number of members 12  

All employees of the Faculty shall have the opportunity to submit proposals/nominate members. The nomination will take place during 4-18 December 2020. For more information, see nomination to the Faculty Board.

Protocol for election of scientifically qualified teachers

The Dean has decided on 2020-11-06 that the Faculty of Medicine will apply election by list system for the period 2021-07-01—2025-06-30. The decision was preceded by consultation with the Faculty Board on 2020-10-28 and after a round of comment at the Heads of Departments meeting 2020-10-13. Both bodies have unanimously advocated using the list system.

The Dean has also decided that the election will be conducted by postal vote.
Information about the election will be via the faculty's web pages (intranet aurora) and via targeted e-mails to the staff eligible to vote. Ballots and ballot envelopes will be distributed via internal post and by regular postal mail to staff placed in Skellefteå, Sunderbyn, Sundsvall, Örnsköldsvik and Östersund, no later than April 24, 2021.

Last day to vote

Last day for postal vote is 2020-05-18, 15.00 hrs.

Contact Persons

Lars Nyberg, Chair of the Nomination Committee,
Ann Sörlin, Vice Chair of the Nomination Committee,
Ann-Christin Edlund, Head of Faculty Office, Secretary,


Lena Åminne