Nomination to the Faculty Board at the Faculty of Medicine

Welcome to nominate to the Faculty Board a deputy for the external member and two group deputies to the tenured faculty representatives. Last day for nomination is 31 October, 2019 (24.00 hrs).

All employees of the Faculty of Medicine are hereby invited to nominate to the Faculty Board:

  1. a deputy for the external member (ought to be a man according to the regulations set by the Vice-Chancellor as the ordinary external member is a woman) and
  2. two group deputies to the tenured faculty representatives (must be one man and one woman per the Vice-Chancellor's regulations).
  • Those nominated as group deputies of teaching staff shall be tenured faculty representatives, tenured at Umeå University as of 1 October 2019, i.e. tenured professors, associate professors, research fellows, assistant professors, and lecturers with a PhD; working within the faculty's domain.

Note that Heads of Departments, Deputy Heads of Department and Associate Heads of Department cannot be members/deputies of the Faculty Board.

  • In accordance with the Rules of Procedure, external member/deputies shall have broad experience from, for example, the public sector and/or the private sector. The current external member of the Faculty Board is Region Västerbotten's Director of Health Brita Winsa. The person nominated as deputy shall replace her at the Faculty Board when needed.

The form for nomination

The Nomination Committee

Further reading

Vice-Chancellor's regulations (in Swedish)
Faculty's schedule and activity plan

Contact persons

Maria Fällman, Chairman of the Nomination Committee:
Cecilia Elofsson, Faculty office secretary: (questions re: formalities)
Anna Gåfvels Karlsson, Deputy head of faculty office: (questions re: formalities)

Lena Åminne