Deputies appointed to the Faculty Board

Two group deputies to the tenured faculty representatives and a deputy to the external member of the Faculty Board have now been appointed. The vote count showed that the most votes had been cast for the Nomination Committee's proposal.

Out of 389 persons eligible to vote, 112 voted, and of those it was 71 who voted for the Nomination Committee's proposal.

Andre Nyberg, associate professor at the Department of Community Medicine and Rehabilitation, and Margareta Molin Thorén, professor at the Department of Odontology, have been elected by the faculty ("lärar-/forskarkollegiet").

The Vice-Chancellor has appointed Peter Rosenberg, Head of the Education Unit, Research and Education Office at the County Council of Västerbotten (Region Västerbotten), as deputy to the regular external member Brita Winsa, Director of Health at Region Västerbotten.

All deputies will take office starting January 1, 2020.

The Faculty Board consists of the following members for the period 2020-01-01--2021-06-30:
Patrik Danielson, chairman
Marie Bixo, vice chairman
Anders Eklund
Åsa Hörnsten
Erik Johansson
Malin Sund
Ulrich von Pawel-Rammingen
Brita Winsa, Region Västerbotten
Axel Lundqvist, student representative
Sandra Bäckström, student representative
Tommy Lidström, doctoral student representative

Group Deputies
1. Christina West
2. Andre Nyberg
3. Margareta Molin Thorén

Deputy to the external member
Peter Rosenberg, Region Västerbotten

Thanks to the Nomination Committee, candidates, to all of you who nominated and voted and to the staff at the Dean's Office, Faculty of Medicine, who have worked with conducting the election.

Ann-Christin Edlund
Head of the Dean's Office

Lena Åminne