Schedule according to Vice-Chancellors rules

8 October Decision on Rules for By-election made by the Vice-chancellor
31 October Last day for employees to submit proposals to respective Faculty's Nomination Committee
No later than 2 weeks before the last election day The Nomination Committee announces its proposal
18 December Election of group-deputies shall be concluded
1 January 2020 Elected deputies take office

Faculty's time and activity plan

Schedule for Autumn 2019 for the By-election to the Faculty Board at the Faculty of Medicine


October 9 Information about the upcoming By-election is published on Aurora (news)
October 11 Dean's decision on the formalities and schedule for the By-election
October 16 Nomination opens on Aurora (online-form)
Information published on Aurora re: opening of the nomination (news)
October 31 Last day to nominate, 24.00 hrs
November The Nomination Committee processes further
November Dean's decision on provisions for the By-elections
December 4 (latest)
Nomination Committee announces its proposal for two group-deputies for the tenured faculty representatives for the Faculty Board; proposal published on Aurora along with information re: the By-election process (news)
Nomination Committee informs the Academy Secretary of the proposal of deputy to the external member of the Faculty Board.
December 5 Printing of the election ballots with the Nomination Committee's proposals as well as the last day for the printing of the blank election ballots, list of nominations and the instructions for the election.
December 6 Mailing preparation to all eligible to vote
Mailing is via internal post or post (for faculty professors/lecturers with placement outside of Umeå)
December 16 Last date to vote by post.
December 18 Last date to vote in person at Faculty Office, Faculty of Medicine,
13-16.45 hr.
December 19 By-election results are published


January 1 Deputies take office

Contact persons

Maria Fällman, Chairman of the Nomination Committee:
Cecilia Elofsson, Faculty office secretary: (questions re: formalities)
Anna Gåfvels Karlsson, Deputy head of faculty office: (questions re: formalities)

Lena Åminne