Election process

The nomination of a deputy to the external member and two group deputies to the tenured faculty representatives on the Faculty Board was open through 31st of October. During November, the Nomination Committee has completed its mission to find candidates for deputies for the Faculty Board.

The Heads of Departments have examined the electoral roll to ensure that it is comprised of scientifically competent teachers eligible to elect group deputies to the Faculty Board. Thereafter, the Dean has decided on the final electoral roll for the by-election. The faculty has 389 teachers/researchers who are entitled to vote.

Proposal of the Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee hereby presents its proposal for the two group deputies to the Faculty Board; associate professor Andre Nyberg, Department of Community Medicine and Rehabilitation, and professor Margareta Molin Thorén, Department of Odontology. The Committee has sent its proposal for a deputy for the external member to the Academy Secretary; the Vice-Chancellor will thereafter make his decision.

During week 49, instructions for voting, ballots, envelopes and a list of candidates (i.e. all nominated teachers who have made themselves available for serving on the Faculty Board) are distributed by internal mail to persons eligible to vote (or by mail to persons working outside of Umeå).

The election takes place as a single choice of a group deputy constellation (a man and a woman per the regulations of the Vice-chancellor) where the unique combination of two group deputies who have received the most votes will win.

The voter has to either vote for the Nomination Committee's proposal or vote for a separate alternative (the voter's own suggestion from the list of eligible candidates). More information can be found in the instructions for voting.

Last day to vote

Last day to vote by internal mail/mail is 16/12 and the last day to vote in person at the Dean's Office, Faculty of Medicine, is 18/12, 13.00-16.45 hrs. The counting of votes takes place at 17.00 in Professorn, the University Administration building, and is done by the Dean's Office. The election results are published on Aurora and emailed to the faculty the day after the counting of the votes. Deputies take office on 1 January 2020.

Further reading

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Lena Åminne