Other doctoral courses

Entry, course selection and other credit-bearing modules

Credit-bearing modules comprising at least 5 credits in addition to the doctoral programme are required to achieve a minimum of 30 credits in total.

In order to achieve the individual intended learning outcomes, additional subject-specific study modules may be required, such as elective doctoral courses, active participation in departmental seminars and journal clubs (max 3.5 credits), additional presentation at national/international conference, research visits at another university or participation in higher education teaching-and-learning training. Decisions on subject-specific study modules are made in consultation between the doctoral student, supervisor and examiner and are documented in the individual study plan.

Doctoral education includes credit-bearing modules of at least 30 credits for the doctoral degree. They are achieved through participation in the faculty's doctoral programme, compulsory doctoral courses and other credit-bearing activities:

  • doctoral courses, internal and external, grant the credit that each course is credited with active participation in departmental seminars and journal clubs, which can total 3.5 credits
  • participation in national/international conferences with own presentation provides 1.5 credits per conference, max 6 credits total research visit with a research group at another university gives 1.5 credits per week
  • higher education teaching-and-learning training participation (UPL courses or equivalent) provides 1.5 credits per week, maximum 6 credits in total. However, teaching students as a doctoral student does not count for credit.


In Ladok, only doctoral level courses taken at Umeå University after admission to doctoral level education are registered as doctoral level courses. All other courses and activities are handled as credit transfers. The doctoral student is responsible for preparing and submitting the application for credit transfer. For more information, see the Procedure for the transfer of credits for doctoral studies at the Faculty of Medicine.

Application form for transfer of credits from doctoral studies

For credit transfers that are applied for and decided in connection with admission to doctoral education, special rules apply, as stated in the Admission and Financing for Doctoral Education at Umeå University.

Lena Åminne