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Fill out this form for sending news about your dissertation to faculty communicators. The text should be around one A4-page and possbile to publish on the university web. It is recommended to sldo save the text as a Word-document in your computer. A communication officer will contact you when it will be published.

Form for the Faculty of Medicine


Headline (max 60 characters)

A title briefly describing the research subject

Introduction sumary (max 300 characters)

A short text summarising the most important findings in your dissertation. You can also include a brief description of the research question.

Your own comments (max 2500 characters incl. spaces)

In your own words, about the purpose of this research and significance of your findings. Here you can express thoughts and speculations about implications of your results. Any surprises?

Method and study design (max 350 characters)

Brief description of study design, scope, number of participants, methodology, etc.

Biographical section (max 200 characters)

Information about where you are from, academic background (undergraduate programme and universities), current workplace and future plans.

Contact details

Calendar event on your public defence of the dissertation

Copy and paste the url (address) to the calendar event in the box below

Link to the published dissertation in Diva

Copy and paste the url (address) to the dissertation in Diva in the box below

Attach a high-resolution portrait photo (Max 4 MB)

Submit a high-resolution portrait photo (at least 300 dpi) that the University is given the rights to publish in contexts related to your dissertation and in future articles.

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Attached file size cannot exceed 5 MB.
Lena Åminne