Reporting activity and funding

Reporting activity and funding

Every calendar half-year, information on study activity must be documented in Ladok. The activity is expressed as a percentage of the full-time work carried out by the doctoral student during the current calendar semester. Activity refers to the actual time devoted to studies (work on the project, courses, seminars, conferences, literature studies, article writing, etc.). The extent of research work within the framework of clinical service can be up to 25 percent if the service is relevant to the dissertation work.

Every six months, a doctoral student must also declare the funding used to finance his/her education. The information on funding refers only to the part of the doctoral student's activities related to his or her own education. Funding must be reported for all doctoral students who have 1% activity or more. This may include one or more sources of funding, but the sum of these must always be 100%.

Form: Reporting activity, funding and registration for doctoral education

Any questions regarding reporting of activity and funding should be directed to the doctoral education administrator at the department.

Lena Åminne