The Mid-PhD Seminar

The mid-PhD seminar, which must be completed at the halfway point of the course of study, is compulsory and the responsibility for its implementation rests with the department.

An important element of the doctoral studies is that the doctoral student is given the opportunity to practise the ability to compile, analyse, present and discuss their research results with other researchers. This is done continuously throughout the studies, but at one point before the public defence of the doctoral thesis it must be done in a more formalised manner, at a so-called mid-PhD seminar.

The mid-PhD seminar is held when the supervisor and the doctoral student judge that the dissertation work has reached approximately the halfway point. The compulsory courses must be completed before the mid-PhD seminar.

At the mid-PhD seminar, the emphasis should be as much on the work that is planned, as on what has already been done.

The mid-PhD seminar is an opportunity for the doctoral student to present his/her results and discuss these and future planned projects with a group of researchers with knowledge and interest in the field. The head of department and the supervisor, in consultation with the doctoral student, appoint three reviewers who are knowledgeable in the subject area for the mid-PhD seminar. Their task is to assess the doctoral student's presentation and the project as well as his/her ability to complete a doctoral thesis.

Guidelines for the implementation of the mid-PhD seminar

The notification of a mid-PhD seminar is signed by the doctoral student and supervisor and submitted to the head of department together with a summary of the results achieved and a plan for the continued dissertation work.

Form: Notification of mid-PhD seminar

The principal supervisor has overall responsibility for planning the mid-PhD seminar and for announcing it.

The head of department, principal supervisor, examiner and doctoral student jointly decide on the date, time and place of the mid-PhD seminar.

The head of department, together with the principal supervisor, queries and appoints three scientifically experienced reviewers who are knowledgeable in the subject area. One of the reviewers should come from another unit or another department and should be at least a docent. The task of the reviewers is to assess the thesis project, both the results achieved and further planning.

The head of department is responsible for ensuring that the members of the review team receive copies, at least two weeks before it is due to take place, of the following:

  • notification of mid-PhD seminar
  • the doctoral student's summary of the results achieved and further planning of the dissertation work
  • the doctoral student's individual study plan and,
  • the date, time and place of the seminar

The review team's certificate is submitted to the head of department and the examiner no later than two weeks after the mid-PhD seminar. A copy of the certificate is then sent to the doctoral student, supervisor and assistant supervisor.

The originals are archived at the respective departments.

A copy of the mid-PhD certificate of completion is sent to the Faculty Office. The director of studies reviews the certificate and follows up if necessary.

The examiner is responsible for registration in LADOK.

Progress grant

A progress grant is given to doctoral students who have completed a mid-PhD seminar. The aim is to provide the doctoral student with international scientific experience and to strengthen his or her networking. The funds can be used for travel to present results at conferences, research visits, courses, etc. The doctoral student must have travel approved by the supervisor and examiner.

The progress grant is disbursed when the Faculty Office has received a copy of the mid-PhD certificate of completion and it has been certified by the faculty's director of studies. The grant is paid to the department but is disposed of by the doctoral student. The progress grant is paid when the time period between the mid-PhD seminar and the planned dissertation is at least 18 months (decision FON 2015-11-18).

Lena Åminne