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Our Faculty has 3 300 students, around 200 doctoral students and a staff of 900 consisting of teachers, scientists and administrators. The Faculty has eleven departments and seven research centres.

These pages serve as a support for those who work at the faculty. If you have any questions please contact The Dean's office.


  • April 2024
    • 23

      Tuesday 23 April


      SciLifeLab Site Umeå / KBC Infrastructure Seminar Series

    • 24

      Wednesday 24 April


      IceLab invites you to discuss boreal forests, mitochondrial protein quality control and deep learning for camera traps.

    • 26

      Friday 26 April

      Defence of doctoral thesis

      Non-canonical ATG8 conjugation in ESCRT-driven membrane remodeling processes.

    • 26

      Friday 26 April


      What's the role of WARA Media and Language in advancing AI?

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