Organisation – doctoral studies

The Faculty of Science and Technology is one of four faculties at Umeå University and is lead by a dean, who is chairman of the Faculty Board.

The Faculty Board has overall responsibility for doctoral courses and study programmes (third-cycle) at the faculty. In support of the Faculty Board in this work, there is a Committee for PhD studies. The committee prepares matters for the Faculty Board, including general study plans and syllabuses for generic doctoral (third-cycle) courses.

The Research Committee is another preparatory body to the Faculty Board and proposes, among other things, examiners for the faculty's doctoral (third-cycle) subject areas.

Faculty Board
Research Committee
Committee for PhD studies

The faculty has several third-cycle subject areas. Every third-cycle subject area has a general study plan which describes the outline and content of the education, entry requirements and selection of applicants.
The Research Committee appoints one examiner and at least one assisting examiner for every third-cycle subject area. Each department appoints a director of studies responsible for doctoral studies.

Third-cycle subject areas, examiners and directors of studies
General study plans

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