Are you interested in exchange studies or other experiences abroad within the framework of your studies or your work? As a student at Umeå University, you can study for one semester or one year at one of our hundreds of partner universities around the world. Most universities are in Europe, but we have partners in all corners of the globe.

Umeå University is a member of a number of networks in order to strengthen the relationship with foreign universities. Within the networks there is the opportunity of student exchanges, shared research projects, courses and conferences for personnel and other activities which strengthen the University's relationships with foreign universities.

As a student

At Umeå University you can study up to, or one year at one of our hundreds of partner universities around the world. Most universities are in Europe, but we have partners in all corners of the globe.

Being an exchange student entails that you study a limited part of your course at a partner university in another country and then you are credited for your studies in your degree from Umeå. In order to qualify as an exchange student at one of our partner universities you must naturally be a student at our University.


Employees at Umeå University can participate in exchange programmes for University personnel. Further information related to this will be posted soon.

Application form

The application form (in Swedish) for the Faculty of Science and Technology students and employees:

Exchange programme

Umeå University has a large number of exchange agreements which have been signed at a department at faculty and/or at the central level. Through the exchange programmes, personnel can continue professional development abroad and students can study at a foreign higher education institution or work as a trainee at an organisation or company.

Agreement for student and employee exchange

At Umeå University there are many agreements with foreign partner universities, most of which are in Europe. All central and faculty-related agreements are listed in Umeå University's agreement database, enabling you to see which university you specifically want to attend.

Travel reports

The travel reports of previous exchange students on their experiences of studies and internships abroad are available in the Study Abroad Report System (STARS). STARS will be replaced in the future, and is not longer updated.

Free Mover

You can study abroad on your own initiative, without utilising any exchange agreement. You will then travel as a Free Mover and can apply directly to the University where you wish to study. As a Free Mover you will not get the same support as an Exchange student.

International Office

The International Office works together with faculties and departments at Umeå University to enable students, teachers and administrative personnel to participate in the mobility programme which is aimed at foreign experience. We also work together to provide service to the University's international students. Read more about international work.

International contact persons at faculties and departments

In the list of contact persons, you will find contact details of international contact persons at faculties and departments.

Work as a contact person

All departments which participate in an exchange programme should have an international contact person (ICP). ICP information describes what you can receive help with from the International Office and what is expected of you.


Contact information

Konrad Abramowicz,
international coordinator
Phone: +4690 786 79 01

Anna-Lena Lindskog