Education Committee

The Education Committee decides on issues relating to the faculty's education programmes, such as programme syllabuses and the organisation of education programmes. The committee usually meets eight times a year.

The Education Committee is appointed for the term of office of the autumn term 2021 to the spring term of 2025. Student representatives are appointed for one academic year at a time by the student union.

Chairman: Karolina Broman, Department of Science and Mathematics Education

Catharina Henje, Umeå Institute of Design
Lars-Daniel Öhman, Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics
Åsa Berglund, Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences
Markus Broström, Department of Applied Physics and Electronics
Mattias Alenius, Department of Molecular Biology

External member: Åsa Fällman, Umeå kommun

Student representatives:
Matilda Munter
Willy Själin
Eleonora Hedin
Vacant (substitute)

Documents, letters, applications with attachments etc. on matters to be discussed by the committee must be submitted to Staffan Schedin at the Faculty office, no later than ten working days before the meeting. Notification of major matters must be made no later than one month before the meeting.



Contact information

Staffan Schedin, faculty director of studies
Phone: +46907867487

Susanne Vikström, faculty director of studies
Phone: +46706300654, +46907869471


Ingrid Söderbergh