Faculty office – staff and organization

The faculty office provides service to the Faculty Board and the faculty’s committees, departments and educational programmes.

Head of faculty office
Åsa Boily

Senior consultant
Anders Lundin

Deputy head of faculty office
Susanne Vikström

Office administration
Ola Berglund
Eric Ågren

Faculty board
Susanne Vikström (secretary, faculty board)
Eric Ågren (secretary, dean's decision meetings)

Sara Filppa (employment, HR, technical and administrative staff)
Ulrika Olofsson (employment, HR, technical and administrative staff)
Lena Lundin (employment, teachers, assistant lecturers)
Frankie Ekerholm (employment, teachers, postdocs, doctoral students)

Communication and student recruitment
Anna-Lena Lindskog (educational communication, student recruitment, press)
Sara-Lena Brännström (research communication, press)
Erik Ågren (web, Selma database)

Anna Tellné (budget)
Mattias Källström (budget)
Ola Berglund (invoices)

Staffan Schedin (faculty director of studies, Education committee)
Susanne Vikström (faculty director of studies, Education committee)
Frankie Ekerholm (Committee for PhD studies)
Eric Ågren (Selma database)

External relations
Anna-Lena Lindskog (Teknikåttan, Kunskapsveckan)
Sara-Lena Brännström (Kunskapsveckan)

Robert Johansson (secretary Research committee)
Frankie Ekerholm (PhD studies)
Frankie Ekerholm (public defense of thesis scheduling)