Research Committee

The research committee deals with research-related issues on behalf of the faculty board, such as the allocation of faculty-funded research time. The committee usually meets four times per term.

Members of the Research Committee have been appointed for the spring term 2022 through the autumn term 2025. Student representatives are appointed for one academic year at a time by the student union.

Chairman: Johan Olofsson, Department of Ecology and Environmental

Vice Chair:
Britt Andersson, Department of Applied Physics and Electronics

Jean-Francois Boily, Department of Chemistry
Mattias Alenius, Department of Molecular Biology
Aleksandra Foltynowicz Matyba, Department of Physics

Student Members:
Oliver Larsson


Documents, letters, applications with attachments etc. concerning matters to be discussed in the committee should be submitted to Robert Johansson at the Faculty office no later than 10 days before the meeting.

To access the minutes from the meetings switch to the Swedish version of this page. (Supplements can be obtained from Robert Johansson.)




Robert Johansson,
Faculty Coordinator
Phone: 090-786 93 65
Mobil: 076-352 55 54