Beam-profiling camera

Type of infrastructure:

Beam-profiling camera.

Technical description/model and performance:

Pyrocam III-HR-C-A-BGP from Ophir Spiricon Europe GmbH, a pyroelectric array detector operating in the 157 – 355 nm & 1.06 – 3000 μm range. Includes three windows: PY-III-HR-W-BaF2-uncoated, PY-III-HR-W-GE-3-5.5: Ge window AR coated for 3-5.5μm, and PY-III-HR-W-GE-8-12: Ge window AR coated for 8-12μm, as well as one Gigabit Ethernet port, BeamGage Professional GigE to USB3 adaptor, hard shipping case, 3 meter GigE cable, and power supply w/locking connector. The software, BeamGage Professional, can be downloaded from

Beam-profiling camera.

Photo: Aleksandra Foltynowicz

Field of application:

The instrument can be used to make and analyze images of laser beams and interferograms. It is equipped with software for analysis of beam parameters. It works in both pulsed and continuous wave mode in the 157 – 355 nm & 1.06 – 3000 μm range. The detector area is 12.8 x 12.8 mm with element spacing of 80 x 80 μm and pixel size of 75 x 75 μm. In cw mode operation, the sensitivity is 1 mW/cm2, the saturation power is 3 W/cm2, and the damage threshold is 2 W over the entire array, or 4W/cm2. In pulsed operation (repetition rate from single shot to 1000 Hz, pulse duration from 1fs to 12.8ms), the sensitivity is 8 μJ/cm2, the saturation energy is 15 mJ/cm2, and the damage threshold is 200 mJ/cm2 for 1 ns pulse and 600 mJ/ cm2 for 1 ms pulse.

Basic Mode of Operation:

The camera operates together with the BeamGage Professional software, which displays the image in real time and allows saving and analyzing the images.


The instrument is placed in the Physics building, Room FB106, in a cabinet to the left behind the entrance door.

Access to the Instrumentation:

The instrument can be run by anyone who gets acquainted with the manual, available at or per request from Aleksandra Foltynowicz, Contact Aleksandra Foltynowicz before the first use. There is a sign-up sheet on the cabinet door where anyone who uses the camera should write the date/time the instrument was borrowed and returned and sign with their name.

Auxiliary Information:

Please beware not to exceed the damage threshold of the camera.


Aleksandra Foltynowicz.


Ulf Sandqvist