Fragment Analyzer™

Type of infrastructure:

Fragment Analyzer™

Technical description/model and performance:

The Fragment Analyzer™ can hold up to three 96-well plates and process the plates/samples in any order.

Fragment Analyzer™, Advanced Analyticall

Photo: Jan Larsson

Field of application:

The Fragment Analyzer™ Automated CE System, provides a reproducible way to do quality control RNA and DNA samples prior to synthesizing sequencing libraries and to quality control NGS sequencing libraries.

Basic Mode of Operation:

The technology is centered on sensitive fluorescence based, parallel capillary electrophoresis, and requires 1-2 microliters of starting sample, diluted into 96-well plates or tube strips. Each sample is injected by voltage into discrete capillaries, arranged in a parallel format. The capillaries cantain a separation gel matrix infused with a intercalating fluorescent dye, which is primed into the capillaries prior to each run. The nucleic acid fragments separate based upon their size. As the fragments pass the detection window, the intercalated dye is excited by a light source, producing emission recorded by a CCD camera. The analytical software provides information on nucleic acid concentrations and size distributions.


Department of Molecular Biology.

Access to the Instrumentation:

The instrument is classified as a User Group instrument. It is used by the listed applicants; however, it is open for additional groups to utilize its full capacity.

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Edvin Karlsson


Ulf Sandqvist