High Temperature Viscometer

Type of equipment:
High Temperature Viscometer.



Technical description/model and performance:
TA-Instruments VIS403HF rotational viscometer.

Field of application:
The apparatus is used to determine the viscosity of liquids at temperatures of up to 1700C. The usable viscosity range is 10-10^7.5 Pa.s. The has in the chamber can be air or an inert gas.

Basic Mode of Operation:
A rotating cylinder is lowered into the liquid and the torsion is measured. The rotation speed can be varied. The sample crucible consists of PtRh 80/20 and has a diameter of 23 mm and a height of 55 mm. Heating is achieved via induction.

Located at the TEC-Lab, KBC6.

Access to the instrument:
The instrument can be used for individual samples and smaller series subject to open time slots and availability of the TEC-Lab operating personnel.

Markus Carlborg, Department of Applied Physics and Electronics


Ulf Sandqvist