Laboratory for ecological genetic analyses

Type of infrastructure:

Laboratory for ecological genetic analyses.

Technical description/model and performance:

The lab is equipped for medium-throughput DNA sample preparation and quantification before sequencing. It hosts the following instruments:

  • TissueLyser II (Qiagen)
  • Gel imaging workstation (Azure c200)
  • Synergy HTX Multi-mode microplate reader (BioTek)
  • PCR units (BioRad)
  • Gel electrophoresis lab (BioRad)
  • -80⁰C freezer (Thermo Scientific)


Photo: Xiao-Ru Wang

Field of application:

  • DNA isolation from plant, animal and environmental samples.
  • DNA, RNA and protein quantification.
  • PCR-based genetic detection.
  • Gel separation and image analysis.

Basic Mode of Operation:

Follow instructions for different instrument.


EMG, plan 5.

Access to the Instrumentation:

The facility is open to all users with an annual maintenance fee of 10,000kr per PI group. Consumables are covered by each user.

Auxiliary Information:



Xiao-Ru Wang and David Hall.


Ulf Sandqvist