Liquid chromatography tandem-mass spectrometry

Type of equipment:

Liquid chromatography with mass spectrometer.

Technical description/model and performance:

Waters Xevo TQ-S ionKey/MS systemAcquity UPLC M-class liquid chromatographyionKey ion source with iKey columnTandem (quadrupole) mass spectrometer

Field of application:



Metabolites and other components in biological samples are separated, identified and quantified through liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry. Areas of application include metabolomic and proteomic analyses.

Basic Mode of Operation:

The sample is passed together with liquid and at high pressure through a column in which the sample components remain for different lengths of time and are thereby separated from one another. The liquid with the separated sample components then automatically flows into the mass spectrometer where they are detected. By analysing a standard solution with a known concentration of the components, the contents of an unknown sample can be determined and quantified.


The instrument is located in the KBC building.

Access to the instrument:

For access, contact Dr Malin L. Nording.

Other information:

The instrument is comprised of two interconnected parts - a UPLC part and an MS part - and can only be used in this combination.


Malin L. Nording och Gunnar Wingsle.


Ingrid Söderbergh