Type of infrastructure:


Technical description/model and performance:

Multi-Cultivator MC 1000-OD serves for small scale cultivation of algae, bacteria or cyanobacteria.

Field of application:

Parallel small scale cultivation of 8 different cultures of photosynthetic microorganisms.

Basic Mode of Operation:

The multi-photobioreactor consists of 8 test-tubes, each holding up to ca. 85 ml of cultivated suspension. The test-tubes are immersed in a thermostated waterbath (its temperature is controlled) . Each tube is independently illuminated by an array of cool white LEDs (optionally warm white, red, or blue LEDs) that generate incident irradiance up to 1,000 µmol(photon)/m2.s (optionally up to 2,500 µmol(photon)/m2.s), which is independently adjustable for each test-tube in intensity, timing and modulation.


Department of Chemistry.

Access to the Instrumentation:

The instrument is used by dedicated and educated personal within MicroBioRefine. For usage, please contact

Auxiliary Information:

The instrument is part of the MicroBioRefine consortium.


Christiane Funk.


Ulf Sandqvist