Optical Tweezers - instruments for micromanipulation

Type of equipment:
Optical Tweezers - instruments for micromanipulation and sub-pN resolution force measurement.

Technical description/model and performance:
The instrument is built around an Olympus IX71 microscope.


Photo: Magnus Andersson

Field of application:
The potential to measure: receptor-ligand interactions, biomechanical properties of macromolecules and polymers, viscosity in small volumes.

Basic Mode of Operation:
A sample consisting of cells or microspheres is made simply and quickly on a microscope slide. In principle, a small flow cell with a volume of 5-100 µl is created. Using only laser light, the object can then be trapped and moved in 3D. By trapping micron-sized latex/polystyrene/glass beads, it is also possible to measure interaction forces. The beads then form a specific or non-specific attachment to e.g., a polymer. By separating the object, a measurable force is applied. The instrument can measure forces down to sub-pN resolution, i.e., <10^(-12) N.

Floor 1, Physics building.

Access to the instrument:
The instrument requires the help of technicians to be operated. Contact Magnus Andersson, Department of Physics.

Other information:
We have developed our own software for use with the instrument.

Magnus Andersson.


Ulf Sandqvist