X-ray diffractometer

Type of equipment:
X-ray diffractometer

Technical description/model and performance:
XPert3 Diffractometer by Panalytical Instruments
Additional add-on equipment available in current setup;
• Anton Paar TTK 450 heating/cooling (Liquid nitrogen to 450C)
• Anton Paar HTK 16N heating stage for temperatures up to 1500 C (turbopump required for higher temperatures, with current pump it is not advisable to measure over 400C and especially for oxygen sensitive samples)
• Slurry flow cell
• SAX kit
• Anton Paar Humidity system MHC-trans.


Photo: Thomas Wågberg/Michael Holmboe

Field of application:
Different types of samples – such as films and powders, either smeared on a substrate or in different types of test tubes – can be measured in terms of their crystalline structure.

Floor 3, Physics building, Lab for X-ray, AFM and thermogravimetric analysis.

Humidity chamber

Photo: Thomas Wågberg/Michael Holmboe

Access to the instrument:
The instrument is available to anyone with an operator's licence; note that a user fee of SEK 200 per hour applies. A licence can be obtained via training from research engineer Rouhsdey Salh. A licence for basic operations can be obtained following approx. one hour's training (at a rate of SEK 700/hour).
A licence for use can be obtained for one or more of the following categories or tasks:
• Using basic powder diffraction using standard setup
• Change of slits
• Change between flat stage setup and motorized stage/spinner
• Change between standard setup and focusing mirror.
• Using TTK 450 heating/cooling stage
• Using humidity chamber
• Using liquid circulation cell
• Using heating stage for high temperatures

Roushdey Salh och Alexandr Talyzin.


Ingrid Söderbergh