Education Committee

The Education Committee is the preparatory body for the Faculty Board for issues related to education. The associate dean of education is chair of the committee.

The Education Committee prepares issues related to education for the Faculty Board meetings. Matters related to single programmes are first processed within each respective programme. Summoning for Education Committee meetings are sent out five working days before each meeting. Chairperson of the Education Committee is the associate dean of education. Period of office for members and deputy members is 16 September 2021 until 31 December 2025.


Associate Dean Ann-Louise Silfver, Professor of the Department of Education


• Dan Frost, Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics
• Maria Lindfors, Department of Education
• Maria Nordin, Department of Psychology
• Nina Nilsson Rådeström, Department of Law
• Marie-Louise Snellman, Department of Social Work
• Daniel Larsson, Department of Sociology
Group deputy members (ranked)
1. Ulrika H. Westergren, Department of Informatics
2. Örjan Pettersson, Department of Geography
3. Ann-Sofi Rönnbäck, Department of Political Science
4. Pär Segerbrant, Department of Applied Educational Science
5. Petra Rydén, Department of Food, Nutrition and Culinary Science

Co-opted members with the right to attend and speak from

• Units at the Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics not represented through a member or group deputy member
– Jessica Fahlén, statistics
– Tomas Raattamaa, economics
• Representative from units with first and second-cycle education:
– Magnus Bohman, Unit of Economic History
– Johanna Overud, Umeå Centre for Gender Studies
– Pontus Bergh, Police Education Unit
Doctoral student representatives (appointed for one year)
• Emanuel Lindberg, utbildningsbevakare, Umeå studentkår
• Linnéa Lindahl, studentrepresentant, Umeå studentkår

Right to attend and speak

The Education Committe can beside the regular members decide to co-opt someone for one meeting or for a temporary period who then has the right to attend and speak, but not vote.

Others with the right to attend and speak: dean, collaboration and innovation coordinators, head of the Faculty Office, faculty director of studies, faculty coordinator, a deputy member not on duty.

Eva Stoianov