Faculty Office of Social Sciences

Staff and roles at the Faculty Office.


First and second-cycle education – Bachelor's and Master's levels

Faculty coordinators

Jenny Nilsson (first and second-cycle education)
Thomas Pettersson (doctoral education)

Faculty director of studies

Nils Eriksson (first and second-cycle education)

Faculty administration

Faculty coordinator

Åsa P Isaksson (Faculty Board, Dean's Executive Meeting, elections)


Sara Franke-Wikberg

Economy, planning and follow-up

Head of the Faculty Office

Per Höglund
+46 90-786 53 17
+46 70-610 08 84

Financial officer

Elisabet Torstensson

Johanna Berlin

Staff and employment


Human resources specialist (+ 46 90-786 50 00)

Anton Forsberg (appointment committees)

Edward Hansskog

Samuel Sandström

Marie Olsson

Mona Westman

Human resources coordinator

Karin Nilsson


Communications officers

Eva Stoianov

Charlotte Ståhl



Sara Franke-Wikberg
+46 90-786 92 84

Eva Stoianov