Applicable hourly rates for 2023/2024

Vice-Chancellor’s decision on internal prices

Hourly rates for internal purchases and sales of teaching expertise at Umeå University in 2024.

On 23 November 2023, the Vice-Chancellor decided on the following 2024 rates for internal charges.

Bachelor's, Master's and doctoral education supported by direct government funding and grants

SEK 1,246 per hour for assistant professor level and above
SEK 867 per hour for lecturer level and below

Contract education

SEK 1,143 per hour for assistant professor level and above, and
SEK 795 per hour for lecturer level and below
Please note that the hourly rates above refer only to the purchase and sale of teaching expertise in education.

If the work is to be invoiced to a third party, involves the work of teaching staff within education or other staff's time, refer to Rules for internal purchases and sales at Umeå University–Employees.

Internal rates approved by the University Board

On 23 August 2023, the University Board approved the 2024 Budget for Umeå University including financial plan 2025–2026.

Office rent

The internal rent for 2024 is SEK 3,903 per square metre (2023: SEK 3,771 per m2). The internal rent will be increased by SEK 132 per m2 in 2024, which corresponds to an increase of 3.5 per cent (2022: 1.9 per cent). The reason for the increase in 2024 is primarily an index increase on the rental agreements due to the estimated increase in the consumer price index.

Starting in 2023, student bookings are included in the internal rent (SEK 4.1 million per year). This means that these will no longer be billed internally to faculties and departments after 2022.

Cleaning services

The 2024 rate for cleaning services is SEK 379.1 per square metre (2023: SEK 360.3 square metre). This is a 5.2 per cent increased from the previous year (2023: 2.6 per cent). The rate increase is based on the annual change in the ratio between billable area and total area, plus any adjustments for the number of carpets, modernisations and annual index increase. Beginning in 2023, premises in Örnsköldsvik and Skellefteå and cleaning service staff rooms are included in the billable area.

Internal prices approved by the University Director

The following prices are approved annually by the University Director. Approval is based on recommendations from the University's Pricing Council, which reviews the conditions and price proposals from the relevant administrative offices. The current prices for internal purchases in these areas are listed below.

Bookable shared premises

To encourage better utilisation of the premises over the course of the day, prices are lower between 8:00 and 10:00 and 15:00 and 17:00 and higher between 10:00 and 15:00.

Rates for bookable shared premises

The 2024 rates for bookable shared premises will increase by 3.5 per cent. Specific prices for different premises in 2024 can be found in the Decision on 2024 rates for bookable shared premises.

Cancellation rules

Rules for classrooms, lecture halls and group rooms for teaching:
• Cancellation 0–14 days before the booked time will be charged at 100% of the cost.
• Cancellation 15–30 days before the booked time will be charged at 50% of the cost.
Rules for conference rooms:
• Cancellation 0–7 days before the booked time will be charged at 100% of the cost.

Read the Beslut om avbokningsregler för gemensamt bokningsbara lokaler ("Decision on cancellation rules for bookable shared premises") (in Swedish).

Services and support – House Services

The pricing model for house services is divided into the following five service areas:

1. Local in-house mail handling
2. In-house parcel and goods reception
3. Services and support for public areas
4. Service and support for premises rented by departments
5. Service and support for bookable premises

Price for services

The price for each service is determined by
• number of employees
• number of students


• number of hours booked.

Specific prices for 2024 can be found in the Beslut om pris 2024 för service och stöd – Husservice ("Decision on 2023 prices for services and support – house services") (in Swedish).

Decision on fees for housing coordination

Written hall exams

Exam Services prepares and manages exams for the departments by planning premises and staffing the actual invigilation.

Price for services

The price for written hall exams in 20243 is SEK 29,00 per student hour. The number of student hours is calculated based on the number of participating students multiplied by the writing time.

Exam Services – university computers

The administrative fee for using university computers from the Exam Services in 2024 is shown below.

Price for services
1–10 computers, SEK 1660 per session
11–20 computers, SEK 33120 per session
21–30 computers, SEK 49780 per session
31–60 computers, SEK 99460 per session


On 11 October 2021, the University Director decided (in Swedish) that, from 1 January 2022, the cost of TimeEdit will be financed through the internal rent for the bookable premises that pay for internal rent. External premises using TimeEdit will be charged their share of the total cost of TimeEdit. This refers to premises for ALF, TUA and police training.

Fixed telephony and Skype for Business

Beginning in 2018, the allocation of costs for fixed telephony and Skype for Business has been included in the Vice-Chancellor's detailed budget.

Mobile phones

Information about the University's mobile phone operator, subscriptions and prices can be found on the mobile phone page.

IT services with the IT Office (ITS)

These prices apply for use of the IT Office's own resources, that is to say, their employed staff.

The following internal prices apply to IT support, procurement and purchasing, operations and system development services for 2024.

Prices for university-wide IT

IT support: SEK 730 per hour
Procurement/purchasing, operations, system development: SEK 807 per hour

Prices for departments and offices

IT support
Ongoing, major and contractual assignments: SEK 695 per hour
Other assignments: SEK 822 per hour

Procurement/purchasing, operations, system development
Ongoing, major and contractual assignments: SEK 750 per hour
Other assignments: SEK 850 per hour

See Beslut avseende prissättning av IT-tjänster inom Umeå universitet 2024 ("Decision regarding 2024 pricing of IT services at Umeå University") (in Swedish).


Inhousebyrån is grant-funded as of 1 January 2022. They provide graphic design, photography, film and live broadcasting services. As previously, the party placing the order is still responsible for any external invoices, such as for printing, lighting, sound, premises, subtitles for each video and media purchases.

Sara Rambe