Environmental management at Umeå University is based on the university's environmental policy.

Environmental policy

Umeå University must assist in community development which is sustainable in the long-term and be an environmentally aware university by:

  •  making students and staff aware of environmental issues and encouraging specific actions to promote sustainable development
  • reducing its use of raw materials and helping to bring about a toxin-free environment by selecting eco-friendly products and preventing emissions of pollutants
  • ensuring that the university's staff and students take into account environmental aspects and aspects relating to natural resources in their day-to-day work at the university
  • complying with legislation and regulations within the scope of the university's sustainable development work and pursuing a constant process of improvement

Roles and responsibilities for environmental work

The University Board makes the general environmental decisions, while the Vice Chancellor bears overall responsibility for environmental work.

The job of the environmental coordinator, at a central level, is to support the university administration in its environmental work by ensuring that central environmental targets are followed up and updated annually, for example. The environmental coordinator is also the point of contact for other authorities in respect of general environmental issues at the university. Environmental coordinator compiles decision data and reports to the central cooperation group.

The Deans are responsible for environmental work at their respective faculties.
Heads of department, other heads and managers are responsible for environmental management and other environmental work at their respective departments, unit or equivalent.

Heads of department or also responsible for ensuring that their departments work in accordance with applicable legislation and regulations, and for ensuring that the necessary permits have been acquired.

There may be environmental groups or environmental representatives at departments and units. These are appointed by heads of department or other heads, and they provide support to the heads of department in their environmental management work. Environmental groups should cooperate with work environment groups and compile joint action plans for both areas.

The work environment committee works with the thematic areas of responsibility which include sustainability and the environment, and is made up of representatives of employer and employee.

Frida Fjellström