The university's environmental targets

Umeå University's environmental targets and environmental management work must help to ensure compliance with national environmental quality targets, compliance with laws and other requirements linked to the environment and sustainable development, and compliance with the university's own environmental policy.

The university's environmental targets followed up annually by reporting to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, among other things. One general Generation target, 16 Environmental Quality targets and a number of Stage targets are defined for Swedish environmental policy for the period to 2020, except for one climate target, which extends to 2050. Umeå University's environmental work must help with meeting these targets.

The university's environmental targets for the period 2013-2015
University's climate impact and environmental impact has been reduced in comparison with 2012.

Follow-up criteria
1. The central action plan for the university's environmental management work has been compiled, specifying a time by which the environmental accreditation target ought to have been met.
2. The volume of CO2 emissions for business travel per staff year (reported annually for the university at a central level)
3. Annual energy consumption (business electricity and other energy usage) in total kWh, per staff year and per square metre (reported annually for the university at a central level)
4. The percentage of registered acquisitions for meeting environmental and/or ethical requirements (reported annually for the university at a central level)
5. The number of registered chemicals and substances hazardous to the environment and health, in total, phase-out substances and risk reduction substances (reported annually for the university at a central level)

Frida Fjellström