Canvas – launching a new learning platform

Canvas opened for all users at Umeå university on May 4, 2020. Canvas is the new learning platform that will replace Cambro and Moodle.



On October 29, 2019, the Vice-chancellor decided on the project plan for introducing Canvas as the new learning platform at the university. The decision meant that the launch of the new learning platform, Canvas, could begin.

Updates for the project

Programme sites in Canvas (updated 2021-05-06)

A function for programme sites is now launched in Canvas. Programme sites is a space in Canvas for communication, information and collaboration with students within a certain programme. Since the sites have integration with Ladok you don't have to add and remove student groups manually.

Manual for creating a programme site (in Swedish)

Course evaluations in Canvas (updated 2021-05-03)

The web-based software Survey and Report is now integrated in Canvas and can be used for course evaluations. This means that we now have a tool for creating and using course evaluations in Canvas.

User guide for course evaluations (in Swedish)

We recommend that you participate in a workshop before using the tool. A workshop will teach you how to get started and how to use the tool.

All training in Canvas

External applications in Canvas (updated 2021-04-19)

It is possible to integrate external applications in Canvas, so called LTI-apps. However, this is a much bigger issue than just integrating apps in Canvas. Right now ITS and the university lawyers are looking in to what a routine for integrating applications would look like and there are many considerations to be made.


The project will offer different types of training in Canvas.

Go to the page Training to read more about available dates for training.

Approximate time plan

  • November 2019: Start of the project and the call-off contract is completed.
  • November 2019-February 2020: Technical implementation and adjustments. Faculties and departments will receive information about the project plan and time plan. The support structure is set and the support functions will go through training in Canvas.
  • The year-end 2019: Recruitment of Canvas coaches, one for each faculty, who will support their faculties during the launch.
  • February 2020: The first pilot groups will receive access to Canvas as well as training.
  • May/June 2020: Training in Canvas will open for everyone and we will publish digital guides and manuals.
  • May 4, 2020: Canvas opens for all users at Umeå university.
  • HT 2021: The last semester for courses in Cambro or Moodle.
  • VT 2022: All courses are in Canvas.

Cambro and Moodle

Cambro and Moodle will function as usual and you can create new courses up until the year end 2021. After autumn 2021 you will still be able to log in and retrieve material until the year end 2022. We will examine how we should handle and file the old material from these platforms during 2020 as a part of the Canvas project.

Course templates

In Canvas you will find course templates available for all teachers at Umeå university. Find the templates in Canvas Commons. The templates are in Swedish.

Link to the course templates in Canvas.

Log in to canvas

Canvas coaches

The Canvas coaches for the project are:

Jon Svensson, Faculty of Arts and Humanities and Faculty of Social science.
Peter Vinnervik, Faculty of Science and Technology and Faculty of Medicine.

Newsletter - in Swedish

During the launch the project will send out a newsletter any time there is new information regarding the project. The newsletter is written in Swedish.

Sign up for the newsletter 'Canvasaktuellt'.


Project leader Julia Lundmark Weinz, UPL.


Hanna Karlsson