COVID information for managers and HR support

Included in the HR guide

This information is aimed at heads of departments or other managers or HR supportive functions. Most information for managers is available in Swedish only.

Work environment when working from home

Employers have a responsibility for ensuring that the work environment of their employees is safe and does not lead to ill health when working from home.

Read more about working from home (In Swedish)

Risk groups and worry among staff

Read about how you can support your staff in at-risk groups of serious illness, or staff who are worried about the pandemic.

Read more about at-risk groups, worry and protective equipment (In Swedish)

Face masks

In situations where you cannot avoid coming in close contact, face masks are to be used.

Read more about face masks (In Swedish)

Reporting serious incident

Reporting a serious incident and documentation must take place if a student or staff has been exposed to COVID-19 in work or studies.

Read about how to report serious incident (in English)

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