Language settings

If Swedish is not your first language, you can choose to set English as your preferred language in university systems and for internal information from Umeå University. This gives you easier access to information in English and also gives us better opportunities to improve our English internal communications.

By choosing to set English as your preferred language, you get easier access to information in English in certain systems and the opportunity to get directed information in English in the form of system messages, news items and magazines, reminders for instance of books to pick up or return.

It also gives the Communications Office, which is the University office responsible for central news and internal information, better knowledge to improve what is prioritised for translation, where it should be published and how it can reach the right people.

Setting English as your preferred language means that:

  • You get certain university-wide systems and automated messages in English.
  • You get the intranet Aurora and its menus automatically in English once you log in – you can still access the Swedish version.
  • You can receive the staff magazine Aktum in English in print or in your inbox.
  • You get the chance of influencing what information is translated in terms of news and pages on the intranet.
  • You give the Communications Office better prerequisites to improve and adapt its English information channels and content.
  • You still get newsletters and access to information that is only available in Swedish.

How to set your language preference

Setting English as your preferred language is a two-step action:

  1. Go to the Language Setting page at Servicedesk and log in through Umu-id.
  2. Choose English in the scroll-down menu and press Spara/Save. Done.

Please note! If you want the language setting page in English, please press the English flag. You can at any time set your language preference back to Swedish by following the same procedure (choosing svenska).

Language settings

For more information

Anna Lawrence, translator and communications officer
Communications Office
072-245 90 11

Erik Vesterberg