Using photos of good quality is important for the university. How you can and may use photos is regulated in our framework agreement, copyright legislation, secrecy acts and the university’s own guidelines. In the image data bank, Mediabanken, you can find a huge amount of photos for use in print, on the web and other media.

There are three ways to obtain photos for the use in university communications:

• The university image data bank, Mediabanken
• Purchasing photos using our framework agreement
• Use photos you have taken yourself.

All photos used must be in accordance with the Personal Data Act, the Secrecy Act and the university's own guidelines for imagery.

If you or someone else takes a photo, you need to make sure that people in photos give their consent before the photo can be published.

The photographer always owns copyright, and the photographer's name should, therefore, always be credited in the caption, on the photo or in the vicinity of the photo.

Mediabanken image data bank

Mediabanken is an image data bank containing a great number of photos that can be downloaded and used for print, web and other media channels. To access all available photos, please log in using your Umu-id in the top right corner "logga in". Mediabanken only supports Swedish.

Mediabanken – joint log in

When you have logged in, your can search using both the search field (type in Swedish) and filters. The photos of your choice can then be downloaded in different resolutions.

Photos that you order from the Inhousebyrån photographers or our publicly procured photographers are delivered to Mediabanken.

In the list on this page, you can find people at your faculty to help you publish photos you have ordered to make them searchable and available for download on Mediabanken. For questions about usage, copyright or contributions of your own photos to Mediabanken image data bank, please contact Ulrika Bergfors.

Not enough photos? Remember to log in.

If you are not logged in, you can only access a small number of photos, whereas you find a considerably higher number once you are logged in. Check in the top right corner if you are logged in. You log in using your Umu-id.

Photos on the external web –

On our external web, web administrators can add photos of their own, photos purchased from photographers or downloaded from Mediabanken. Everyone can also add their own photos on their own department's, faculty's or office's web site.

Purchasing photography services

A good way of getting top quality photographs or films is to hire the University photographers at Inhousebyrån at the Communications Office.

If you want to purchase services from external photographers in Umeå municipality, you are obliged to use the university's framework agreement. See a list of these and their contact details under Publicly procured photographers. This page contains information on which photographers you may hire in what domains (for instance: news images, editorial purposes, concept photography, genre, architecture), information on pricing and contact details.

For photography outside of Umeå municipality, you may use the procured ones or use the photographer of your choice, or take your own photographs, of course.

Mediabanken administrators per faculty

Faculty of Arts

Per Melander

Therese Ekström

Faculty of Science and Technology

Ingrid Söderbergh

Anna-Lena Lindskog

Faculty of Medicine

Ola Nilsson

Lena Åminne

Faculty of Social Sciences

Eva Stoianov

The Teacher Education

Marie Oskarsson

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