In the University's Vision 2020, internationalisation is highlighted as an important objective. One part of the internationalisation work is to make sure relevant information is translated into English. This concerns information aimed at members of staff and students as well as prospective students and the general public.

Who is responsible for translations?

There is no particular department or office at the University who is responsible for all translations. Instead, all members of staff who inform also have a responsibility to provide information in English when it is relevant. This for instance includes:

  • External web pages ( and others)
  • Internal web pages on Aurora
  • Internal and external news items and events
  • Newsletters
  • Social media
  • Budget and staff resources

All departments and offices are responsible for their own communication. This also includes planning for and setting aside resources for communications in English.

Translate yourself or order translation?

Whether a text should be submitted for translation by a professional translator or be performed internally, by members of staff with good English proficiency, depends on the type of information or text.

Translate yourself and ask a colleague to proof-read

Suitable for:

  • Simple, short digital news and notifications
  • Uncomplicated emails
  • Continuous and minor updates of web pages and social media entries

A list of Swedish-English dictionaries that can be of help is available on this page. Google Translate can also be of help as long as you edit the text before using it.

Professional translation and editing

Suitable for:

  • Large amounts of information 'with long durability' and long reach that are already available in Swedish. For instance, information on external web pages or pages on the intranet Aurora.
  • Formal public authority information.
  • Large-scale printed products. For instance, leaflets, magazines and rollups.
  • Research information or news of complicated nature.

Read more about how to order translations under the headline Purchase language and translation services and Good advice when ordering translations.

Useful dictionaries

List of place names and titles

Find Swedish and English names for geographical locations, buildings and campuses and job titles at Umeå University.

List of place names

List of job titles

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