Purchase language and translation services

All language and translation services purchased by the university must generally be purchased through a framework agreement. Currently, however, there is no such agreement, which means that purchase procedures depend on the sum being spent.

No current framework agreement for language services

The framework agreement administered by the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Agency has expired. Hence, Umeå University has no agreement for the purchase of translation and language services.

Purchase of language services without agreement

If you need to purchase translation or language services from an external provider during the period when no framework agreement has been met, please follow these instructions:

  • Estimate the extent (sum) of your need and describe your needs in a document that you save.
  • If the expected cost falls below SEK 50,000, you can purchase your desired service by making a direct award of contract. Follow the recommendations on how to complete a direct award of contract (in Swedish). Or contact Public Procurement and Purchase on upphandling@umu.se for assistance.
  • If the expected cost exceeds SEK 50,000, you must contact Public Procurement and Purchase on upphandling@umu.se. Provide information on what service you wish to purchase to receive advice on how to proceed.

When ordering a translation

In order to get the desired result of the translation, making a good order is vital to make sure you get a text that suits your target audience and get a delivery that suits your deadlines. To help you, please look at the page Good advice when ordering translations.

For questions on procurement

Public Procurement and Purchase
University Management Building, level 2

Anna Lawrence