Purchase language and translation services

Language and translation services that the University buys must be bought from procured suppliers. Umeå University has no own framework agreement. Instead, you must follow the agreement procured by the National Procurement Services.

Order translation

You are recommended to use the call-off form (avropsblankett) from the National Procurement Services when purchasing translation services.

The framework agreement is ranked. That means you must contact the supplier listed as number one first. If the supplier cannot take your assignment, you need to contact the supplier ranked as number two, and so on.

The price for translation is fixed for all suppliers, and the price is adjusted annually.

Translation services include proofing at level 1–2, performed by the translator. You can also add checking by an additional person at an additional charge. Learn more about the levels of proofreading or review under "Order proofreading or review" below.

Specify between what languages you want your text translated. Umeå University uses British English. Submit your text in an editable format, e.g. Word.

When both parties have agreed on the assignment, provide previous translations, terminology lists or other information that can aid the translator. Learn some more good advice when ordering translations.

Find suppliers, call-off form and prices on Avropa.se

Order proofreading or review

If you wish to order proofreading or review as a separate service for a text that is written in English, this counts as an additional service to the framework agreement. Additional services must be purchased through reopening competition.
Remember to specify to what level you wish to order proofreading or language review. There are four levels:

Level 1. Basic proofreading

Level 1 includes checks of: spelling, conjugation, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure such as misplaced modifiers or similar.

Level 2. Language review

Beside basic proofreading (level 1), language review on level 2 also includes making adjustments to the target audience and the intention of the text, by checking the following: that sentence structure is good and fluent, that choice of word is suitable for the target audience, that the style and tone are suitable, and coherence and connectivity of phrases.

Level 3. Basic editing

Beside what is included in levels 1 and 2, basic editing on level 3 also includes checking: that the structure is useable, logical and clear to the reader, that headings are informative and coherent, that the disposition and headings are adapted, that openings form good introductions to sections, that the summary clearly contributes to the purpose of the text.

Level 4. Extensive editing

Beside what is included in levels 1–3, level 4 also includes extensive editing of the text, for instance for use by a whole new readership or purpose.

Read more about how to order proofreading or language review under "Reopening competition".

Reopening competition (Förnyad konkurrensutsättning)

When performing a reopening competition, the call-off must be in writing. You are recommended to use the call-off form and the group mail function on Avropa.se. Choose "Förnyad konkurrensutsättning" in the drop-down menu on avropa.se to submit a call-off request to all suppliers.

Learn more in the guide Vägledning Översättning och språktjänster found under Gemensamma dokument on Avropa.se.

How to perform a reopening competition:

  1. Submit a written call-off to all procured suppliers in the framework agreement for Translation English (Översättning engelska).
  2. Specify a reasonable deadline for returning tenders to the call-off. The deadline should be reasonable based on the complexity and scope of the text, and the time needed for procured suppliers to reply with a tender. A procured supplier who cannot provide the service in question must give a reason for this.
  3. All tenders must be submitted in writing, and you may not open the tenders until the specified deadline has passed.
  4. Contract is awarded the supplier who has provided the most economically advantageous tender according to the award criteria you specify in the call-off.

Award of contract based on a framework agreement must take place using reopening competition if one of the following criteria applies:

  • You require a shorter delivery deadline than specified in the framework agreement and/or if the text exceeds 10,000 words.
  • You require other subject fields than general texts (civic orientation) and legal texts.
  • The assignment is particularly complex and subject knowledge is required.
  • Special requirements regarding security are necessary, e.g. confidentiality agreement or translation in the premises of the authority.
  • Assessment of a translator's expertise using test translations, references, CV or similar.
  • You wish to purchase an additional service.

Perform a reopening competition on Avropa.se

Direct award of contract (Direktupphandling)

When a framework agreement is in place, you may generally not proceed with a direct award of contract. However, direct award of contract can be performed if none of the procured suppliers in the framework agreement can take on the assignment.

Perform a direct award of contract

When do I ask for an authorised translator (auktoriserad translator)?

"Authorised Translator" is a protected professional title. To become an authorised translator, a translator must successfully complete a translation examination with extremely high requirements. The exam is organised by the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet). The exam consists of translations of a general, a financial, and a legal text. If your text does not fall under those categories, there is no guarantee that the translation will result in a better text just because the translator is authorised.

An authorised translator must adhere to "Excellent Translation Practices" (God translatorssed), which comprise guidelines for authorised translators issued by Kammarkollegiet. Assignments conducted by authorised translators vary from school documents, official papers, birth and marriage certificates, death certificates, general and annual reports to judgments, police reports, litigation and demanding legal texts.

An authorised translator is generally authorised in one language direction, e.g. Swedish to English, and the authorisation must be renewed every fifth year. Ask for and check the validity of the translator's authorisation number.

Read more about authorised translators and check validity

Validity of the framework agreement

The National Procurement Services' framework agreement for translations to and from English was signed on 4 April 2022 and is valid until and including 3 April 2026.

Procured suppliers

Translation to and from English

  1. CBG Konsult & Information AB
  2. Semantix SpråkCentrum AB
  3. AAR Translator Aktiebolag

Find the call-off form and submitt a call-off on Avropa.se 

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