Translation initiative 2022-2025

Umeå University is investing in translation between 2022 and 2025. The purpose is to support research and education by increasing the access to translated information.

To communicate and provide information in English is an important part of recruiting and retaining international students and staff, and to collaborate internationally. The translation initiative is part of the Vice-Chancellor's strategic funding from which SEK 2 million has been allocated over four years, 2022–2025.

Suggest content for translation

The Communications Office has been tasked with leading the translation initiative and is now asking you for help. We would appreciate your suggestions on webpages, documents, templates, forms and similar that you find is needed in English. Submit your suggestions via the form below.

The content you submit must be faculty-wide or university-wide. We currently do not have the capacity to process department or individual translation needs. Content must be from Umeå University.

All submitted suggestions that meet those requirements will be taken into account and prioritised together with the offices in charge of the content. However, we are unable to make promises of if and when anything will be translated at this point.

Please submit a new form for each content. If your suggested content is a cohesive entity, such as a webpage with subpages, one form is sufficient if you specify that in the comments.

Submit your suggestions through the form

If you are asked to log in, enter your Umu-id followed by You will be redirected to the University login where you enter your password.

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The Vice-Chancellor has allocated SEK 2 million over four years (2022–2025) for a translation initiative aimed to support education and research. The funding is spent on purchasing translation services from external suppliers. Internal working hours and other work does not affect the budget.

The objectives of the translation initiative are

  • to make an inventory and mapping the shortcomings in regards to what information can be accessed in English. The inventory is completed based on the target groups prospective students, students, prospective staff, staff and other stakeholders to identify and prioritise where the most important areas are to increase opportunities for international relations.
  • to plan for and implement the needs found in the inventory, partly through inhouse resources, partly by external resources.
  • to produce and follow an international content plan. To establish routines and working methods for how new production of content can be selected and be made accessible in English.

During the first months of the translation initiative, focus has been to translate prioritised university-wide policy documents into English and produce routines and support material for external translations. Focus groups with representatives of the faculties have been conducted to gather input regarding the needs of staff to obtain English information and needs for translation. In late spring, the initiative is performing inventory all the while translation work is still ongoing.

Procurement of language services

On the side of the translation initiative, Umeå University is also procuring a framework agreement for proof-reading of English texts and translation from Swedish into English. Umeå University has previously not had such a framework agreement of its own. This is an extensive procurement and work is estimated to be completed in the early months of 2023. Until the University's agreement is completed, language services must be purchased through the Government framework agreement.

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For more information, please contact:

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