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Follow the instructions on this page to download the Umeå University logo for various purposes, for instance in the production of printed products or for digital purposes. Start by logging into Aurora and fill out the form to access the file.

The logos are downloaded as a zip file, which includes all versions in both Swedish and English. The file also includes usage guidelines. Please read through the guidelines thoroughly before using the logo.

For more information, please contact:

In order to download the logo, you need to be logged into Aurora and fill out a form of contact details before you will be forwarded to the download file.


Students are only to use the university's visual identity when writing their theses or degree projects. Established templates are to be used for those occasions. Students are not to use the university's logo and visual identity when sending emails, making surveys and presentations as a part of their studies. It is the student who is behind the information and content in those cases, not the university.