By being consistent in our use of fonts and how we format our texts, we help to link the University’s different entities and strengthen our common brand.

Our profile fonts

  • Gotham, in the versions Book, Medium and Bold, is used in printed communication and online. Gotham is primarily used for headings and shorter texts.
  • Publico is used in printed communication, particularly in body texts since it is an easy-to-read font in small sizes.

Both Gotham and Publico require a licence.

Substitute fonts

In Office templates, we use standard fonts that resemble our profile fonts as much as possible:

  • Verdana replaces Gotham, and is used for headings, for instance.
  • Georgia replaces Publico, and is used for longer texts, for instance.

These fonts are standard for all operating systems and do not require a licence. It also makes things easier if you are sharing documents, since licensed fonts require the recipient to have these fonts installed on their computer in order to display them in, for example, a Word or PPT file.

Need to buy a font licence?

The profile fonts are primarily recommended if you produce and design graphic and marketing materials. Many branding needs are covered by using the University's Office templates.

The use of profile fonts is therefore not a requirement. Font licences are purchased directly through the companies that own the respective fonts, and decisions as to whether there is a true need for the licences are made by the individual organisational entity.


We recommend the Gotham 1 package. Umeå University primarily uses the font styles Gotham Book, Gotham Book Italic, Gotham Medium, Gotham Medium Italic, Gotham Bold and Gotham Bold Italic.

Licence for Gotham – Hoefler&Co


We recommend Publico Text in the style: Roman, Italic, Semibold and Semibold Italic.

Licence for Publico – Commercial type

Frequently asked questions

Why are the University's profile fonts not available to all staff?

Because the fonts require a licence, each department, office or equivalent has to determine their need for the profile fonts and then pay for the licence themselves. In many cases, it is sufficient to use the substitute fonts that are standard for all operating systems and are included in Office templates.

Are capitalised headings part of the visual identity?

No, capitalised headings are not part of the visual identity. They are a stylistic device used for certain types of communication.

Capitalised headings can be used for simple messages and information that can be adapted and changed to fit the shape of the capitalised text. Capitalised headings are not always suitable for academic texts, for instance, as the readability of the text can be negatively affected.

Templates with logo

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