Legal framework and personal data management

The University’s activities are vastly governed by laws and regulations. There are laws, ordinances and regulations decided on different levels, by the Riksdag, the government and by different government authorities. The Vice-Chancellor can decide on local rules.

On these pages, you will find information on some of the legal aspects that are of importance to the University's activities. 

Contact the Legal Affairs Office

If you cannot find the answer to your question, you are always welcome to contact the Legal Affairs Office. The best way to get help swiftly is to e-mail one of our office-email adresses. They are read every day. 

Your responsibility as an employee

As a public authority Umeå Universitety is governed by a vast legal framework. As a state employee, you are required to have knowledge about the applicable legal framework and instructions that apply. You are responsible for conducting your duties accordingly. Many of the rules apply regardless of your work being in administration, research, or education. There are also specific regulations concerning the University as an education provider and as an entity responsible for research. There are, among other things, rules concerning student's rights and obligations, the conduct of teaching and ethical and legal aspects of research. 

Contact information

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Data protetion officers, questions regarding personal data management

Contract review

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Agreeements and contracts

When the University cooperates with other entities, agreements or contracts might be required to regulate legal aspects that arise.

Copyright to teaching materials

As a teacher, you need knowledge about how copyrighted material may be used and how the University may use material that you produce.

Disciplinary measures

The University can take disciplinary actions against students and employees in certain situations.

Policy documents

Umeå University's university-wide policy documents include rules, procedures, plans and policies. 

Legal aspects in research

There are a number of laws and regulations that you need to consider when conducting research. These pages are under construction.

Patents and copyright

As a researcher or teacher at the University, you are often affected by aspects concerning intellectual property to material, data, litterature and artistic work.

Personal data management

When you process personal data, you must have knowledge about the legal framework and act accordingly.

Public documents

Anyone can access public documents at the University as long as they are not restricted by secrecy.

Service, accessibility and decision-making

The University is governed by rules regulating how to be accessible for students and members of the public that come into contact with the University, how cases are handled and how corruption should be avoided.

Legal Affairs Office