Service, accessibility and decision making

Working as a civil servant means that in addition to the rules that govern the remit itself, you must also follow general rules of administrative law. These affect, among other things, how you should respond to people who contact the University and how decisions should be made.

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Your responsibility as an employee

Umeå University is a government authority and is therefore subject to regulations that affect how you as an employee should act. As an employee, you need to be aware of the laws and rules that apply to your work, such as who has the authority to make decisions.

You should answer questions and provide information and assistance to individuals about the University's activities as soon as possible. You therefore need to receive phone calls and mail. You also need to make sure to enter a referral message in your email when you are absent for a longer period. You should express yourself in a way that is easy to understand. You also need to ensure that documents are taken care of so that they are preserved for as long as necessary.

As a civil servant, you should act objectively and impartially in your work. You must not act in a way that your objectivity might be questioned when performing your work at the University. The requirements for how you as an employee should act apply to all activities, both research and teaching as well as administration and decision-making.


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